Purple Heart Wood Wine Balancer


Wooden antigravity wine bottle display made of purple heart.

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Characteristics: Wooden antigravity wine bottle display made of purple heart. We do not color or stain any of our woods, so colors and wood patterns will vary from pictures.

Approximate dimensions: 9 ½” Length x 2 ½” Width x ¾” Thick. It is 6 ½” tall when standing. The hole will fit and balance a standard wine bottle.

Wine balancers made of exotic or domestic woods will enhance the presentation of your wine selection. These balancers were handmade in our woodshop in Florida using purple heart and then finished with Minwax polyurethane for a long lasting protection. All of our balancers are carefully sanded and are smooth as glass when finished. They are easy to care for, remain in great condition and will make an interesting conversation piece. The antigravity wine bottle display will make a great centerpiece for weddings or special dinners and can also be a unique party gift.

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Dimensions9.5 × 2.5 × .75 in
Grain Pattern


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